Department of Molecular Biology

PhD defense - Rasmus Moen Ree


Portrett av Rasmus Moen Ree
Asbjørn Leirvåg

Rasmus Moen Ree will on the 28th of April defend his dissertation for the degree of Philosophiae doctor (PhD):

N-terminal acetyltransferases in zebrafish development

Rasmus has been affiliated to the NAD-group, which is also part of the ProtMetD research programme.  He has been supervised by Thomas Arnesen with Kari E. Fladmark and Line Merethe Myklebust as co-supervisors during different parts of the project.


The dissertation and defense is evaluating by the following committee:

Dr. Carmela GIGLIONE, Institut de Biologie Intégrative de la Cellule, Frankrike
Dr. Camila ESGUERRA, Norsk senter for molekylærmedisin, Universitetet i Oslo
Dr. Øyvind HALSKAU, Molekylærbiologisk institutt

The defense will be lead by professor Rune Male


Anyone interested is welcome to follow the defense