Michael Sars Centre
Appendicularian Neural Development

Glover Associate Group

We study neural development and function in the urochordate Oikopleura, from gene expression to behavior, using molecular and functional imaging approaches.

Joel Glover

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Based at the University of Oslo, my laboratory is engaged in research into the regional patterning and differentiation of neural stem cells and progenitors in the vertebrate central nervous system. Our focus has been on hindbrain and spinal cord, with particular emphasis on the progenitors that give rise to premotor interneurons. We also study regulative regeneration in the embryonic neural tube. We use this phenomenon as a model for understanding the regulation of proliferation and patterning, as well as for assessing the neurogenic potential of human stem cells in xenotypic transplant experiments.

The laboratory has specialized in experimental embryological methods and in optical and electrophysiological recording methods, which allow us to follow the life cycle of differentiating neurons from genesis to functional integration into synaptic networks.