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Diversity leadership and immigrants' attachment to the workplace.


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Over the last decades, the workplace has become increasingly culturally diverse. This is due to factors such as an increasing number of international corporations, mobility in the global work market, and increased labour migration. In Norway in 2012, 50 000 working permits were registered, illustrating an increase of diversity in the workforce. A changed organizational setting places new demands on leadership, but what consequences a culturally diverse work place have for the enactment of leadership has to a large extent remained unexplored. 

The project "Diversity leadership and immigrants' attachment to the workplace" presents scientific and experience-based knowledge about what characterizes good leadership in a culturally diverse work setting, and how this affects immigrants' attachment to the work place. The project consists of interviews with leaders and immigrants in culturally diverse workplaces, and two surveys among leaders and employees in culturally diverse workplaces. The interviews identified measurable aspects of leadership behaviour and integration in the workplace, and has formed the basis of a measuring instrument called "Leadership in Diversity". 

Results will be presented as the final report is completed during the spring of 2013.