Society and Workplace Diversity Research Group

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Professor Gro Mjeldheim Sandal, Department of Psychosocial Science


Society and Workplace Diversity Research Group
Department of Psychosocial Science
Christiesgt. 12
5015 Bergen

Phone: 55 58 31 90
E-mail: post@psysp.uib.no

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The Society and Workplace Diversity Group (SAW) was established in 2006. The research group brings together researchers with expertise on how society, organizations and individuals are impacted by forced and unforced migration. The group's members possess competence from various psychological fields including cross-cultural psychology, social psychology, work and organizational psychology, and clinical psychology, along with social anthropology. Our researchers are committed to advancing theoretical and empirical knowledge and practices, aiming to improve the health, well-being, and integration of migrant and refugee populations in Norway and worldwide. An essential aspect of our activities is the close collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations, including NGOs and user groups. 

The research focus encompasses the exploration and enhancement of understanding in the following areas:

- Refugee mental health and interventions
- Psychological resilience in extreme environments
- Multi-ethnic contact in plural societies
- Characteristics and consequences of acculturation strategies of immigrant groups
- Migration and narrative constructions of identity
- Precarious workplaces and migrant workers
- Diverse workplaces and human resource policies
- Factors propelling and sustaining hazardous emigration from Africa

The Norwegian Research Council finance a large part of the research activities of the group. Projects are also undertaken in contract with international organizations, such as the European Space Agency. We collaborate with a large number of prominent researchers around the world who make valuable contributions to our research.