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Attitudes to asylum-seekers, immigrants, and immigration

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We are involved in several projects related to Norwegians’ attitudes to asylum-seekers, immigrants, and immigration.

As part of our long-term involvement with the Norwegian Citizen Panel, we have studied Norwegians’ perceptions of climate migrants in collaboration with researchers based in the UK. Following the influx of Ukrainian refugees, we have also studied similarities and differences in the public’s response to the two major influxes of asylum-seekers to Norway, in collaboration with Lise L. Bjånesøy (Department of Government).  

As part of the project "Imagining and experiencing the refugee crisis”, we collaborated with PI Susanne Bygnes (Department of Sociology) and Elisabeth Ivarsflaten (Department of Government) on a project in which we look at how Norwegians have experienced the establishment of asylum reception centers in their neighborhoods. We are interested in the types of contact that has occurred between people in the local community and asylum seekers, and what consequences constructing immigration as a local versus national phenomenon may have.