Society and Workplace Diversity Research Group

Professor Gro Mjeldheim Sandal

Gro Mjeldheim Sandal is professor in psychology and the leader of the research group.

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Sandal has been working at the Department of Psychosocial Science since 1996. She received her doctoral degree on the topic of Coping in Extreme Environments: The Role of personality. Since then, she has specialized in the field of personality psychology and work and organizational psychology.

Her research includes examination of the impact of culture on organizational behaviour with specific focus on recruitment, leadership and teamwork.

For many years, she has also conducted research on personnel operating in isolated, confined and potential dangerous environments, such as space, polar crossings, Antarctic winter-overs, and different military stress situations.


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E-mail: Gro.Sandal@psysp.uib.no

Phone: +47 55 58 86 85