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Instituttseminar 1996

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A.Proskurowski 5/9 Graph reduction systems

D.Laurie 12/9 Inverse eigenvalue problem for real symmetric Toeplitz matrices

B.Welfert 19/9 Preconditioning of waveform relaxation

A.Malyshev 26/9 On nonnormal eigenvalue problems

U.Wolter 3/10 Partial algebras - a fundamental concept for computer science ?

E.Vainikko 10/10 Multigrid methods, theory and practice

E.Andersen 17/10 Interior-point methods for linear programming

D.Johansen 24/10 Internettet som plattform for distribuert databehandling

T.Sørevik 31/10 Om den nye Superdatamaskinen ved UiB, Origin 2000

K.Olsen 7/11 Produkter som programmer

F.Manne 14/11 Automating the debugging of large numerical codes

J.Liu 21/11 Robust Sparse Matrix Orderings by Multisection


J.Gustedt 5/12 Practical modular graph decomposition

K.Mughal 12/12 Java som 1. programmeringsspråk