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Instituttseminar 1997

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30/1 Tre tidligere hovedfagsstudenter, Erfaringer fra arbeidslivet

6/2 Nina Pilipchouk, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, On Adaptive Quantization

13/2 Toby Gibson, European Molecular Biology Lab., Heuristic approaches to sequence alignment applied in the Clustal W and SearchWise packages.

20/2 Keith Downing, NTNU Trondheim, Evolutionary Computation: Using Natural Selection to Evolve Computer Programs

27/2 Knut Meen, Askøy Vid. Skole, Matematikk-kunnskaper i lys av Reform-94

6/3 Maria Sandsmark, Inst. for økonomi UiB, Kooperative produksjonsspill under usikkerhet

13/3 Torfinn Taxt, Fysiologisk Institutt UiB, Bildeforbedring i medisinske anvendelser

20/3 Magnus Halldorsson, Univ. Island, On-line Algorithms

27/3 Påskeferie

3/4 Mikkel Thorup, Univ. i Kobenhavn, Structured Programs have Small Tree-Width and Good Register Allocation

10/4 Geir Dahl, Inst. for Informatikk Univ. i Oslo, Curve approximation and constrained shortest path problems

17/4 Mike Fellows, Univ. of Victoria Canada, Theoretical Computer Science: Opportunities for Mathematical Science Popularization and Computer Games

24/4 Hovedfag i informatikk - 3 studenters erfaringer

1/5 Fridag

8/5 Fridag

16/5 Johan Håstad, KTH Stockholm (NB: Fredag), On the hardness of solving over-determined systems of linear equations

22/5 William Taylor, Head of National Institute for Medical Research - London, Double Dynammic Programming applications in protein structure comparison

29/5 Marcin Bialasik, Polske Vitenskapsakademiet, Co-Algebras

5/6 Maria Lucka, Slovakiske Vitenskapsakademiet, Massively Parallel Twodimensional Fourier Transform and Poisson Solvers

12/6 Jan Kratochvil, Dept of Applied Math. Charles University Prague, Tsjekkia, Complexity of Graph Coverings