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BLDL High Integrity Day

Main content

• 0900 Introduction

• 0905 Samson Gejibo, UiB: Distributed medical data gathering in remote locations

• 0935 Tero Hasu, BLDL UiB: Capability modelling

• 1005 Federico Mancini, FFI: Hardware-based trust and integrity verification

 • 1035 Break

 • 1100 Tucker Taft, AdaCore: Achieving Safety Through Language Simplification

 • 1130 Jaakko Järvi, Texas A&M;: Avoiding faulty user interfaces

 • 1200 Lunch

• 1315 Magne Haveraaen, BLDL UiB: Moulding code: distributed systems from sequential code

• 1330 Kjell Jørgen Hole, Simula@UiB: Robust software in a failing world

• 1400 Break

• 1430 Arnaud Gotlieb, Simula: Constraint-based reachability: test input generation for C code

• 1500 Anya Bagge, BLDL UiB: Axiom based testing

• 1530 Discussion: Establishing a National High Integrity Forum

• 1600 Close


Participation is open free. Lunch is included for those who sign up.

There is also a related half day (after lunch) Monday February 10 (Languages and Tools for High Integrity) and a full day Wednesday February 12 (Parallel Languages Day). These events require signing up.


Contact Marta.Lopez@ii.uib.no   for signing up.