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Most men do not involve themselves in programmes for prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child. HIV testing of men at the antenatal clinic is met with resistance.
The core research groups at CIH have both received the grade “Excellent” by an international expert panel which has evaluated the medicine and health research in Norway.
The newsletter of Optimize this time features an article about openXdata and the project mVAC. Optimize is a collaboration between WHO and PATH which aims to create a flexible and robust vaccine supply.
Having trouble coming up with a good idea for your research paper or project? Or do you have plenty of ideas but find it difficult to put them all into practice? Be inspired or share your ideas at the new website Ideabasket.
The 6th Conference on Global Health and Vaccination Research, “Contributions to Global Health Research, Capacity Building and Governance”, will take place in Oslo 12 -13 September 2011.
Health workers' motivation is one of the determining factors of the quality of public health services in Tanzania. Perceived unfairness in working conditions could be an important reason for low motivation.
In Uganda the majority of the children receive all vaccines in the vaccination program, yet they are not sufficiently protected from infectious diseases. A new study shows that there is a need for greater focus on when the vaccines are given, not only that they are given.
This year’s national research festival starts on Friday 23 September. CIH will be represented both in the Researcher Grand Prix and in the research talks on the theme “Bergen in the world, the world in Bergen”.
From Monday 31 October to Thursday 3 November the Bergen Resource Centre for International Development will host a wide range of lectures, discussions and even a book launch.