Historicizing the ageing self: Literature, medicine, psychology, law

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Here you find an overview of publications and master's theses affiliated with the Ageing Project.

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Cultural Histories of Ageing. Myths, Plots and Metaphors of the Senescent Self

  • Edited by Margery Vibe Skagen
  • Drawing on sixteenth- to twenty-first-century American, British, French, German, Polish, Norwegian and Russian literature and philosophy, this collection teases out culturally specific conceptions of old age as well as subjective constructions of late-life identity and selfhood. 
  • Copyright year 2021

Literature and Ageing

  • Edited by Elizabeth Barry, with Margery Vibe Skagen
  • The central focus of this book is the experience of growing old as represented in literature from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day: an experience shaped by changes in longevity, a new science of senescence, the availability of state pensions, and other phenomena of recent history.
  • Published October 2020

Littérature et médecine. Le cas de Proust

  • Edited by Mireille Naturel
  • The texts of this work, written by doctors, psychoanalysts and literary scholars, study the life and work of Proust, focusing on the relations between aesthetics and suffering, hysteria and literary creation etc.
  • Published September 2018

Le Vieillir chez Proust : Métaphores du vieillissement dans le « Bal de têtes »

  • By Gunn Inger Sture
  • This study explores metaphors of ageing in the “Bal de têtes”, and seeks a better understanding of what they can tell us about the Proustian conception of human ageing and of the ageing self. 
  • Utgitt februar 2021

Siste kapittel – en aldringsfestival

Last Chapter is a two-day cultural festival running Friday 18th and Saturday 19th June 2021 in Bergen. The festival is a celebration of later life which aims to challenge stereotypical perceptions of old age and contribute to a less age-segregated society. Bringing together Norwegian and international art, music, dance and interdisciplinary scholarship, the festival offers an exciting range of events, lectures, debates and encounters with artists, writers, researchers, health care professionals and policy makers. 

See festival catalogue here:


Master's theses:

Eldre kvinner i litteraturen. En lesning av Tove Janssons Sommarboken (1972) og Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvolds Jo fortere jeg går, jo mindre er jeg (2009)

  • By Ane Berland Opheim
  • Published June 2019

« Je me suis senti vieux peu après ma naissance » La représentation du vieillissement au service de la critique civilisationnelle chez Michel Houellebecq

  • By Solveig Helene Lygren
  • Published March 2019

« A dix-huit ans j'ai vieilli » - Une étude de la conception du vieillissement féminin dans l'œuvre autobiographique de Marguerite Duras

  • By Birgitte Vågenes Bakken
  • Published July 2017

Représentations de la vieillesse dans la littérature . Un conte, une nouvelle et un roman du XIXème siècle

  • By Elin Johanne Abildgaard
  • Published November 2016