Earthquake seismology

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The main activities of the seismology group are education, research and outreach in seismology.

The main activities are:

  • Operate the Norwegian National Seismic Network of more than 30 stations.
  • Operate a seismological laboratory for teaching seismic instrumentation, development of seismic equipment and maintenance of field equipment.
  • Develop and distribute free seismological software.
  • Collect information on felt earthquakes in Norway.
  • Inform the public in case of recent earthquakes.
  • Host visits from school classes, gives popular scientific talks, and other earthquake related information.
  • Give courses in earthquake seismology and provide thesis opportunities at Master and PhD levels.

 Areas of research include:

  • seismo tectonics
  • earth structure
  • earthquake location
  • seismic hazard
  • active tectonics
  • paleo seismology
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