LINGCLIM: Language, climate and lifestyle

"Exit Earth – Extreme Weather Warnings"

Kjersti Fløttum and Ida Vikøren Andersen held two presentations at the interdisciplinary seminar "Exit Earth – Extreme Weather Warnings" at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (UiB), 16th September 2021.

Extreme Weather

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On 16th September, the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (UiB) arranged a cross-disciplinary seminar and exhibition "Exit Earth – Extreme Weather Warnings”. The results from a four-week long climate course by third year Design students were presented and speakers from Bergen and across the Atlantic shared their expert insights. As a part of the programme, two representatives from the LINGCLIM group held presentations: Project leader Kjersti Fløttum shared her insights on "The Role of Language in The Climate Change Issue" and postdoc Ida Vikøren Andersen held a presentation on "Youth, climate change and climate communication".