Bergen Media Use Research Group
Guest lecture

Ezequiel R. Pinat on activism, social media and press

Ezequiel Ramón Pinat from Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) held the lecture "Activism, Social Media and daily press: what’s missing in the middle?”

Ezequiel Ramón Pinat

Ezequiel R. Pinat held a guest lecture 23. october based on his work on how social media and the press covers social protest movements. Pinat is at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies as a part of ERASMUS. 

In his work, Pinat focus on The Platform of Those Affected by Mortgage (PAH). 




Abstract for the guest lecture:

"We are used to hear that Occupy Wall Street, Arabs springs and the Indignados 15M fostered a modern age with Social Media mobilization. But what does it mean? To what extent have they triggered new ways to carry out a citizenry protest or, by contrast, do they just reproduce old activist patterns? 

The PAH platform, aligned with anti-austerity European measures organizations, fights for strengthening the fragile housing right in Spain. After the crisis of 2010, banks became the most prominent real estate agencies. Their influence on political parties and newspapers have determined housing bubble treatment. In this case, Social Media became a real alternative to spread a counter-image about this subject"