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Leadership in culturally diverse workplaces


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Over the past few decades, workplaces around the world have undergone a profound transformation, marked by a significant increase in cultural diversity. This shift is the result of immigration, globalization, and technological advancements. Workplaces that embrace diversity may gain access to a more extensive pool of information, perspectives, and ideas, potentially positioning them for superior performance compared to their more homogeneous counterparts. An inherent challenge for managers lies in optimizing the benefits of diversity for the organization while concurrently minimizing potential drawbacks. The project titled "Diversity Leadership and Immigrants' Attachment to the Workplace" offers scientific and experience-based insights into the characteristics of effective leadership in culturally diverse work settings and its impact on immigrants' attachment to the workplace. The project comprises interviews conducted with leaders and immigrants in culturally diverse workplaces, along with two surveys administered to leaders and employees in similar settings. Follow the link to access the final report.