Selmer Center in Secure Communication

IKTPLUSS Grant to SETA project

While the COVID-19 hits us badly, we can have some great news too. Chunlei has recently received a grant from the Research Council of Norway’s IKTPLUSS program on the call of ubiquitous data and services. Congratulations to Chunlei!

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The SETA project aims to explore the properties of sequences and their applications in wireless communications, particularly in the emerging 5G technology.

The emerging 5G technology promises ambitious use cases, which include not only high data rate in the order of several Gbps, but also massive connectivity of IoT devices and ultra-reliable communications for real-time control of rescue robots in emergency. These use cases raise a number of research problems in the design of multiple access schemes and the design of carrier signals that modulate periodic waveforms for data transmission.

Existing mobile communication technologies all employ orthogonal multiple access schemes that enable multiple signals to share the same communication channel simultaneously. However, the orthogonal schemes cannot meet the demanding requirements in the new 5G use cases. In his project, Chunlei will explore several types of non-orthogonal multiple access schemes for the 5G technology, with the primary objective of optimizing the usage of limited frequency bands shared by multiple signals and securing data communications. Besides, the project will investigate properties of the carrier signals used in the proposed schemes, formulate theoretical bounds on their parameters, and also design optimal carrier signals that reach or approach the established theoretical limits.