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UiB introduces multi-factor authentication for students

UiB is introducing mandatory multi-factor authentication for all students.

Grafisk bilde av pc-skjerm og mobil
Multi-factor authentication for students: all students must set up multi-factor authentication for UiB's services.

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What do you need to do?

All students must set up multi-factor authentication for their UiB user account.

When you log in to one of UiB's services you will be notified that you must set up multi-factor authentication.

  • To do this, select an authentication method.
  • We recommend that you use the Authenticator app on your mobile phone.

After 14 days, multi-factor authentication will be mandatory. You will then be unable to log in to UiB's services until you have set up a multi-factor authentication.


Multi-factor authetication will be turned off during your exam period. This also applies to home exams and other forms of assessment that require that you login.

Why are we doing this now?

Threats to IT security are increasing rapidly. UiB wants to prevent serious security incidents like ones we have seen at other Norwegian universities and public institutions recently. Concrete threat assessments show that it is necessary to increase security quickly.

Lost or stolen usernames and passwords represent a major vulnerability. Multi-factor authentication is one of the most effective security measures that we have.

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