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Bergen Open Research Archive (BORA) terms of use

Bergen Open Research Archive (BORA) is the open research archive at the University of Bergen (UiB). All documents in BORA are available open access on the internet.

Main content

By depositing a document in BORA, you accept the following terms:  

  • You are the author or the rights holder of the document, or you have obtained permission from the author/rights holder to deposit the document.
  • You have obtained permission from co-authors to deposit, archive and make the document openly available in BORA.
  • The University of Bergen has the right to make the document openly available in BORA.
  • If a version of a previously published document is deposited, it will be made available in accordance with institutional guidelines. Scholarly articles will be made available in accordance with the University of Bergen’s rights retention policy. Other published document types, will be made available if permission is given by the copyright holder.
  • The University of Bergen has the right to convert the file to other formats for archiving or accessibility reasons.
  • The document will be available in BORA as long as the archive is in operation. The University of Bergen has the right to transfer and make available the document in another archive with the same purpose as BORA, either owned or operated by the University, or in an equivalent national archive if such an archive replaces BORA in the future.
  • Scholarly articles that are made available under the institutional rights retention policy, will by default be made available under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY). Other document types will by default be available in BORA within the terms of the following license: All rights kept in compliance with the framework of the Norwegian Copyright Act including changes (in Norwegian). The work can be referred to, linked to, quoted from, printed and downloaded for private use only.
  • The terms of use may be modified.