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Dear library user,

You were redirected to this website because after shutting down the EZProxy-server, the configuration of some resources has not been updated yet.

We apologize for the inconvenience! To access the resource, please try one of the following:

  • If the post in Oria contains multiple links, try one of the other links.
  • Remove the "https://pva.uib.no/login?url=" prefix at the beginning of the URL of the resource you are trying to reach.
  • In the Oria record for the article/e-book, use the "Sjekk om Open Access-versjon finnes / Look for Open Access version" link, instead of the "Full text available at" link that you usually use (can be found on many of the articles in Oria).
  • Go to the database that contains the article/e-book you are looking for, and search directly there.
  • Paste the DOI number (if there is one) here: https://www.doi.org/ and you will be redirected to the resource that contains the article.

Remember that you must be connected to VPN to access e-resources the University Library subscribes to.

NOTE: If you want to help us find and fix the incorrect links faster, let us know about the error you experienced.