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Open Science Lunch

Citizen science: science for everyone?

Join us for the new monthly seminar series Open Science Lunch, this time to hear about the challenges and opportunities of data provided by the public in research.

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Open Science Lunch

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Grab you matpakke and join us for a short presentation on citizen science and for an open Q&A session afterwards!

Research areas such as biology cannot possibly gather all the data it ideally needs over time and space. These fields are increasingly using citizen science; members of the public who voluntarily gather and share their observations. This allows for analyses that are impossible to achieve any other way, and with data hungry methods such as AI, this will only become more important. With the added benefit of increasing public engagement, it remains a hot topic across disciplines. But are there downsides to citizen science? Are data collected by citizens as reliable as other data, and how unbiased are they?

In this talk, Wouter Koch (Artsdatabanken) will discuss the importance of citizen science data, its challenges and the ways to try to cope with these issues.


The event is open to everybody and you can join online on Zoom (Zoom link here).