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Literature and information resources relevant for pedagogy, the science of education and teacher training.

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Welcome to the Library's subject page for Education!

Note: This page is currently under revision.  

This resource page is meant to be a guide on how you can find good sources for your student papers, and how to cite them correctly according to APA 7th. For brief questions about this you can enquire at the front desk at the Social Science, Music and Psychology Library. Also, the web resource Search & Write and have sections on how to search for academic literature, and APA 7th. If you need more extensive help in finding literature, you can book an appointment via UiB hjelp or contact your Subject Librarian.  

Oria (the search field at the top of this page) allows you to search in the Library´s resources: Books, journals, encyclopedias, music, movies etc. Here you will find help on how to search, locate and order material in Oria .

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How to use e-books

E-books are becoming increasingly common, and a number of the University Library's books are only availabe digitally.

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Subject databases

ERIC(EBSCO) is the most important subject database for pedagogy, the science of education. Remember to set the limits peer reviewed and/or articles if you only want hits on scholarly articles.

Web of Science is also a useful database for pedagogy. This is an interdisciplinary database (sciences and social sciences) where topics of education are only a small part. Therefore it is smart to use more general and "broader" keywords when searching.

ProQuest Education Database contains studies and research on education across all levels of education. It includes scholarly journals, dissertations and other relevant sources from 1988 to current.

PsycINFO is the most extensive database for psychological litterature. Articles from approximately 2500 journals are registered in this database. It also contains books, book chapters and doctoral thesis and more. Relevant for among others Educational Psychology.

Medline is one one of the world`s leading index-databases for medical litterature. Here you can search for diagnosis and challenges related to the field of Special Education.

For other relevant information resources, see subject area.