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The library provides access to a wide selection of books, theses and journals in religious studies, in printed or electronic form. Oria, the search box above, is used to search the catalogue. If you are unable to locate a book you may make a purchase request or interlibrary loan. For assistance in literature search please contact your academic librarian below.

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Books in religious studies are found at the Library of humanities, second floor. Classification:

200-210: Religious studies in general; theory and method

201.3: Mythology
201.4: Classes of religion: polytheism, shamanism etc.
201.6: Religion in popular culture
201.7 and 322.1: Religion and politics
202.1: Deities and other superhuman beings
202.2-3: Religion and humankind: sin, karma, eschatology
203-4: Religious practices: sacrifice, worship, pilgrimages
207: Religious education
210-219: Philosophy of religion

220-229: Bible

 294: Indic: Buddhism, Hinduism etc.
230-289: Christianity 295: Zoroastrianism
292: Classical religion 296: Judaism
293: Germanic religion 297: Islam and Bahai
299: other religions
299.1: 299.6: African religions
299.3: Egyptian religion 299.7-8: Native American religions
299.5: Chinese religions 299.9: New religions

306.6: Sociology and anthropology or religion