University Museum of Bergen

The Highest Number in More Than 15 Years

In March this year, more than 8122 visitors entered the exhibition halls of Bergen Museum. The Natural History Collections saw the highest increase in visitor numbers with 6129 visitors. This is the best ever month since the Museum started keeping records in 1996.

At the end of February this year, the doors of the Natural History Collections were reopened after a closure period of one and a half year, and the public flocked to it. The good visitor numbers for March show that the public have not forgotten the Museum in spite of the long closed period.

The Cultural History Collections have also had good visitor numbers with 1933 visitors in March. These visitor figures are above average, if we set aside the period from April 2010 to end of March 2011 when The Cultural History Collections was the only part of Bergen Museum that was open.

Museum not forgotten

In April, the Museum’s visitor numbers were back to normal with 4032 visitors. All things considered – the fact that Easter was late this year, and that the Museum was closed on some of the Easter holidays - the Museum is pleased with the April figures.
In addition, many visitors find their way to the Museum Garden, which in all its glory this time of year is really worth a visit. Bergen Museum does not record visitor numbers for the Museum Garden.

New closure period in a few years´time

The Natural History Collections will have to be closed to the public at a later date. The extensive interior rehabilitation of the museum building will then start, and this will eventually result in new and historic exhibitions in new splendour.  The preparatory work is in full swing.

Fortunately, the cultural history part of Bergen Museum will still be open with all its exciting exhibitions covering a wide range of themes in archaeology, anthropology, and in art and cultural history.

Read more about the Museum’s exhibition offers in natural and cultural history in our exhibition guide. Bring friends, family, and visitors along and seize the opportunity to visit and experience Bergen Museum this spring and summer.