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A lovely Garden – where Roses are in Bloom

What do we find of old garden roses along the Norwegian coast? At an international convention in Vancouver this summer, Per Harald Salvesen from Bergen Museum gave a lecture of an exciting project about heritage roses.

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Those who have found, been given, or inherited old roses, may find something of interest here. Heritage roses are garden roses that have existed since approx.1940. They have either managed to survive despite competition and neglect, or they have been passed on via inheritance and sharing/propagation, from mother to daughter, or among neighbours and friends.
Per Harald Salvesen at the Arboretum and Botanical Garden at Milde near Bergen and Per Arvid Åsen at Agder Museum of Natural History and Botanical Garden, Kristiansand, have registered heritage roses along the Atlantic Coast of Norway up to the Arctic Circle. More than 70 different Heritage Roses have so far been recognised. At present, new surveys are on the way further north. One locality to be examined is, among others, the Lofoten Area in Nordland County.

See and read more about the beautiful roses in lectures given at the World Rose Convention in Vancouver 18 - 24 June 2009.

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