University Museum of Bergen

Exciting Cultural Exhibitions open at the Bergen Museum

At the Cultural History Collections, you will find a lot of exciting exhibitions. You can also solve puzzles, and you can visit a special children’s exhibition.

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The Stone Age People, the Viking Age, Norwegian Church Art History, Egyptian Mummies, Native Americans, a Theatre Exhibition and much, much more – the Museum is home to some of Norway’s finest collections of cultural history artefacts.

We have treasure maps for those who like to solve puzzles; and prizes for those who make an effort!

The exhibition "Towards Distant Lands and Eras" is especially designed to appeal to very young children. In it, they will learn more about other cultures. They can enjoy themselves and play games in the Viking ship, in the bazaars, in the Bedouin tents, in the Middle Age castle, or in the company of the Chinese dragon!

In the top menu, under "Education & Outreach", you will find an overview of our exhibitions.