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New book: Den teatrale illusjon

“Den teatrale illusjon”, a new, topical book on scenography in a historical and current perspective, is now available. The book will be launched on Wednesday 9 September at the Cultural History Collections.

The Theatrical Illusion
”Den teatrale illusjon” is published by Bergen Museum and edited by Professor Kari Gaarder Losnedahl. The book contains contributions from a number of writers with a background in theatre science and scenography. In addition, a scenographer and an actor have contributed with their points of view. The book is richly illustrated.The book is in Norwegian

Themes and writers.
- A backcloth to theatre history –: Kari Gaarder Losnedahl
- The Nativity in four tableaus: Henrik von Achen
- The illusory world of the scenes: Ellen Karoline Gjervan
- Scenographic stylisation: Keld Hyldig
- Stars and performance art: Knut Ove Arntzen
- The scenography’s position in the understanding of modern theatre: Tor Trolie
- The actor and the scenography: Tor Trolie
- Scenography - a part of the theatrical totality: Keld Hyldig

The book is available from our on-line shop