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New book: Den teatrale illusjon

“Den teatrale illusjon”, a new, topical book on scenography in a historical and current perspective, is now available. The book will be launched on Wednesday 9 September at the Cultural History Collections.

Main content

The Theatrical Illusion
”Den teatrale illusjon” is published by Bergen Museum and edited by Professor Kari Gaarder Losnedahl. The book contains contributions from a number of writers with a background in theatre science and scenography. In addition, a scenographer and an actor have contributed with their points of view. The book is richly illustrated.The book is in Norwegian

Themes and writers.
- A backcloth to theatre history –: Kari Gaarder Losnedahl
- The Nativity in four tableaus: Henrik von Achen
- The illusory world of the scenes: Ellen Karoline Gjervan
- Scenographic stylisation: Keld Hyldig
- Stars and performance art: Knut Ove Arntzen
- The scenography’s position in the understanding of modern theatre: Tor Trolie
- The actor and the scenography: Tor Trolie
- Scenography - a part of the theatrical totality: Keld Hyldig

The book is available from our on-line shop