The Department of Biomedicine
Master ceremony 2018

The master theses' are submitted

Twelve students in the master class of 2018 at the Department of Biomedicine lower their shoulders after having submitted their master theses.

gruppebilde av mastergradsstudenter biomedisin 2018
Today is no ordinary day! Twelve student of biomedicine have submitted their theses'.
Margarethe Bittins

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June 1st at 10 o'clock, students in the master programme in biomedical sciences have submitted their theses. After two years of courses, seminars and lab experiments, their first academic publications are now finished. Although the master's exam remains, this is a memorable day in student life.

The submission process is electronic and not very celebratory, therefore we marked the occasion with a little ceremony. There the students received their well-deserved personal handshake as well as small gifts from both the Department of Biomedicine and the Faculty of Medicine.

"This has been an educative, tough and fun year," said Vibeke Løvås Bakken, who has delivered her thesis on “Gene expression changes in gene expression in rat brain following long-term exposure to antipsychotic drugs.”

All theses’ cover topics of cell biological mechanisms involved in different illnesses, for example, how the protein composition in blood changes in patients with multiple sclerosis, or which proteins affect the development of brain cancer.

When asked about their future plans, many students say they want to pursue a career in science and continue in the doctoral programme. Others take a break to travel around the world. Some are ready to dive right into working life and already have their employment contracts in place. These future masters of biomedicine often find workplaces at laboratories at the University or at Haukeland University Hospital.

We congratulate all students on the submission of their master’s theses and wish them a successful master's exam!