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BBB seminar: João Conde

Why going nano in cancer healthcare?

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João Conde
Lab for Cancer NanoMedicine, NOVA Medical School, NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal

The main focus of our research is the use of Cancer Nanotechnology in Precision Medicine in order to tackle crucial medical problems involved in the development of novel and highly effective diagnostic and therapy platforms for cancer. Cancer has become the chief proving, ground-breaking platform that can be used for Precision Medicine. Determining the response profile of a tumour, detecting key driving players in tumour progression, and trying to disable those drivers with targeted therapies and engineered materials in order to “smash” the brakes on malignant and metastatic cells to control proliferation is the modus operandi of our research. Cancer Nanotechnology is becoming a burgeoning field and we are sure that it will aim to bring up reality to the Precision Medicine initiative.

It is now crucial to empower the potential of Nanomedicine to differentially combat cancer using smart and targeted platforms that mediate highly selective therapies within the tumour microenvironment. The lack of standardized means to treat and profile the tumour microenvironment calls for a paradigm shift in the way we view and treat cancer. It is this paradigm that our research concentrates on: tackling real biomedical problems and developing smart materials to beat cancer. The Conde NanoLab is focused on the application of multifunctional nano- and biomaterials in cancer therapy and diagnosis, especially in tumour imaging and targeting, gene therapy/editing and drug delivery.

Chairperson: Adam Truskewycz, Department of Biomedicine