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Joining nano-medical researchers in Bergen

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Date: 08.04.2014

09.15-10.15: Keynote speaker: Gillian Barratt, Institut Galien Paris-Sud

The Use of Colloidal Drug Delivery Systems to Improve the Therapeutic Index of Drugs

10.15-10.30: Break

10.30-10.50: Hans-Peter Marti:

Directed Drug Delivery in Glomerulonephritis and Fabry Nephropathy

10.50-11.10: Spiros Kotopoulis:

Ultrasound and Microbubbles: Targeted drug delivery

11.10-11.25: Julia Schölerman

Transfer of nanoparticles observed in cultured cells

11.25-11.45: Maite Bezem

Intracellular delivery of tyrosine hydroxylase by nanoparticles

11.45-12.15: Lunch break


12.15-12.35: Lilia Uvanova

Towards treatment of Francisellosis in zebrafish model

12.35-12.50: Zhe Xing

The potential applications of nanodiamond particles for bone tissue engineering

12.50-13.05: Lars Herfindal

Multi-functional liposomes for targeted therapy of acute myeloid leukaemia

13.05-13.20: Mihaela Cimpan