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ECTMIH2021: over 1100 Global Health enthusiasts

For over 2 years, the Centre for International Health (CIH) and the University of Bergen (UiB) have been preparing to host the 12th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health (ECTMIH2021).

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ECTMIH is a meeting forum developed by the Federation of European Societies for Tropical Medicine and International Health (FESTMIH). The FESTMIH network links national societies, other organisations and platforms active in global health and tropical medicine (learn more).

CIH Professor Bente E. Moen is the Congress Chair. CIH Professor Thorkild Tylleskär is the Chair of the Scientific Committee. They collaborate with many others at CIH and at UiB. Learn more.

ECTMIH2021 local committee
Thorkild Tylleskär

Global challenges in health, migration and equity

The first ECTMIH was organised in 1995. This year’s Congress will be held over 4 days. ECTMIH2021 focuses on global challenges in health, migration and equity. There will be 9 parallel scientific tracks on the first 2 days, a special Corona Day (Day 3) and a Young Investigators Day (Day 4).

Congress being held virtually

Initially planned as a Congress welcoming delegates in person to Bergen, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the Congress organisers to make the difficult decision to hold it virtually.

Advantages of a virtual congress include that it is easier and cheaper for people to attend (an important factor for young researchers, and researchers from low-income countries). It is also easier to have headline participants. For example, the WHO Director General, and other important members of WHO; the Editor of the Lancet, and many more.

CIH/UiB have worked in collaboration with a conference company, Kongress & Kultur AS in BergenEventAIR to plan this event. The EventAIR web platform, On AIR, was chosen for the Congress, as it has been used for several to support a number of other large online international conferences internationally.


The Congress will be officially opened Tuesday morning, 28.9.2021, by the University of Bergen’s Rector, Norad’s Director General, the Director General of WHO and the President of FESTMIH. Learn more.

Each of the first 2 days will conclude with an award ceremony with prizes for the 2 best oral posters and 2 best posters on that day. There will also be a Gamification award that is part of the OnAIR platform. In addition, at the end of the first 2 days there will be a special cultural event. Learn more about the end-of-day ceremonies and the special events.

Photo Competition

ECTMIH2021 collaborated with the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (RSTMH) to hold a photo competition. This year’s theme was: Global Challenges in Health. It was based on WHO’s 10 global health issues to track in 2021. The pictures will be shown on the OnAIR Congress website.

A panel of judges will pick the top 10 pictures. ECTMIH2021 participants will be able to vote for their favourites from these 10 on the OnAIR Congress website. The winner will be announced at the end of Corona Day (Thursday, 30 Sept.), and will receive a 200 euro prize. The picture will be shared on the RSTMH and ECTMIH2021 websites.

Young Investigators Day

The final day of the Congress is for early career researchers in Global Health. There are 6 different channels of activities to help young investigators (PhDs and post-docs) expand their skills and learn new ones. Learn more

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