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CIH Phd January 2016: Catherine Schwinger

January 2016: Catherine Schwinger

Catherine Schwinger

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There are two main reasons for why Catherine Schwinger is the candidate of the month.

1. No other PhD candidate at Centre for International Health (CIH) has been teaching as much as Catherine Schwinger. She has been teaching nutrition, epidemiology, anthropometry, statistics and research tools. She is a good teacher and shows a real interest in this part of the academic work. She is very reliable and has been a fantastic support for CIH in periods with lack of teaching staff.

2. Due to change of supervisor, she has been able to change her PhD topic to include a completely new dataset quite late in the PhD work period. She worked originally on data from Congo, but recently she got access to data also from Nepal. She shows flexibility and creativity in her work. 

Students like Catherine should be encouraged to keep up the engagement for CIH.

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