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Publishing results obtained at the Flow Cytometry Core Facility


When publishing, users must credit the core facilities if the publication contains the results of work carried out at a core facility to make these visible to ensure that our existence is know and to show that our facility and services are used.


  1. Acknowledgement of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility and Bergen Forskningsstiftelse.
    1. The  (flow cytometry/cell sorting/mass cytometry) was performed at the Flow Cytometry Core Facility, Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen.” 

If Helios mass cytometry has been used, please add

“Helios Mass Cytometer was funded by Bergen Research Foundation” in the acknowledgements.


UiBs policy regarding use of the core facilities. https://www.uib.no/mofa/67221/kostnadsdeling-og-medforfatterskap


In addition, the Flow Cytometry Core Facility would be grateful to be notified when a publication has been accepted for publication.