Flow Cytometry Core Facility

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Sony user guide

Sony SH800 cell sorter operators guide

BD Accuri C6 flow cytometer

Instrument manual

LSRFortessa flow cytometer

Fortessa Cell Analyser full user guide 

BD FACSDiva Software Quick Reference Guide for Fortessa

BD FACSDiva Software Quick Reference Guide for HTS Option 

HTS Sampler Daily Operation Tutorial 


BD Cytometer Setup and Tracking Application Guide 

BD FACSDiva CS&T Research beads information

Reagents & Solutions available in the facility

  1. BD FACS Sheat Solution with Surfactant. Vendor: Puls (Norway’s vendor for BD supplies)
  2. BD FACS Clean. Decontamination solution for Flow Cytometers. 1% active CL (chlorine)
  3. BD FACS Rinse. Maintenance solution for Flow Cytometers. Detergent: NaCL, Na2HPO4, KH2PO4, KCL.
  4. Cleaning solution. Decon 90. 1ml+199ml MQ water.
  5. Decontamination solution. 1ml NaHCL (Sodium Hydrochloride)+199ml MQ water.
  6. Ethanol. 70% EtOH.
  7. BD Cytoemtry Setup & Tracking Beads. CST tracking beads
  8. SH800 Sony quality control beads
  9. SH800 8 peak beads



(Also see HMS handbook for K2 regarding HMS routines)

  • Remove any spilled liquids with paper towels, dispose towels in the autoclave waste, then wipe the bench with 70% EtOH
  • Report any accidents
  • If there is skin contact with either the cleaning or decontamination solution, wash under running water.