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10x Chromium System

The 10x Chromium System enables the study of single cells based on the drop-sea method. The 10X can capture up to 10,000 cells per sample and produce individually indeed cell transcripts ready for library generation and Illumina sequencing.

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The power of dissecting cell-type differences in complex biological systems is critical to our understanding of cellular contributions during development and in disease progression. Until recently, most molecular studies have relied on bulk analysis, combining all cells into a single average readout. The Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution provides an unparalleled approach to uncover cell-to-cell gene expression variability and identify rare cell types from complex biological samples. Our latest improvements vastly increase sensitivity, so you can detect even more unique transcripts per cell1.

Go beyond traditional gene expression analysis to characterize cell populations, cell types, cell states, and more on a cell-by-cell basis. From assessing tumor heterogeneity and stem cell composition, to dissecting neuronal populations—the technological advancements provided by the Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution, along with turnkey software tools, allow you to maximize insight from any sample type1.

For more information about the technology, please visit 10X Genomics and the broshure The Power of Single Cell Partitioning

A checklist of the materials required can be found at the bottom of the page.

The price for a run is 500NOK

Please contact support@10xgenomics.com for information about technical procedures, library prep and more and Rita Holdhus at the Genomics Core facility for sequencing. 

Single Cell solutions

Single Cell Gene Expression

Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression provides single cell transcriptome 3’ gene expression profiles from hundreds to tens of thousands of cells. Explore cellular heterogeneity, identify rare cell types, novel targets, biomarkers, cell types and states.

Single Cell Immune Profiling 

Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling provides a multiomic solution to your immunology questions. Analyze full length paired B-cell or T-cell receptors, surface protein expression, antigen specificity, and gene expression, all from a single cell.

Single Cell ATAC

Chromium Single Cell ATAC (Assay for Transposase Accessible Chromatin) allows you to analyze chromatin accessibility at the single cell level, providing insights into cell types and states, and deeper understanding of gene regulatory mechanisms.