Flow Cytometry Core Facility

BD FACS Symphony S6

The S6 is a bench-top high speed cell sorter equipped with 4 lasers (405, 488, 561, and 637nm) capable of analyzing up to 21 different parameters including forward and side scatter. The instrument accommodate the high parameter cell sorting demands and allow for better detection and efficient sorting of rarer events. 

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Cell sorting is fundamental for purification of single cell or bulk populations that can be further analyzed downstream by a variety of techniques including mass spec, protein analysis, transcriptional profiling, sequencing, epigenetics or for animal studies.  

The S6 is capable of single cell that is required for single cell RNAseq studies in 96 or 386 well plates, including the simultaneous sorting of 2-, 4- or 6- populations, at the same time, from high-parameter panels, including sorting into tubes of difference sizes, e.g. 15ml, 5ml, 1.5ml.  

The UiB Flow Cytometry core facility does not perform viable cell sorting on samples containing pathogens known to infect humans. Due to the fact that cell sorting generates aerosols and that cells are generally not submitted in any fixative, the biohazard risks are much greater than in analytical flow cytometry.

It is therefore important to discuss any and all biohazard issues with the sorter operator. The same considerations also apply to the use of the analytical samples.

Certified trained users may use the S6 without Core Facility supervision. Qualification provides use of the facility outside normal operating hours which include evenings and weekends.