Flow Cytometry Core Facility
Sony ID7000 spectral flow cytometer

Sony ID7000

The core has now installed its newest instrument, the Sony ID7000 spectral analyzer. The Sony ID7000 incorporates spectral technology in both the optics and unmixing software algorithm for increased resolution and flexibility in panel design for flow Cytometry. It is also equipped with a high throughput plate reader and 5 high-powered lasers that can read fluorescence in the range of 360-845nm.

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Currently researchers has perform experiments using 44 colors or more.

The ID7000 comes with an AutoSampler, which supports 5-mL tube racks (24 tubes), 96-well standard height, 96-well half deep, and 96-well deep plates, and 384-well standard flat bottom plates. Samples can be cooled to 4°C (39°F) and the samples in the individual tubes or wells can be agitated at the beginning of acquisition, intermittently or continuously, enabling stable, long-duration acquisition without sample settling.


If you want to learn more, please contact Brith Bergum at brith.bergum@uib.no.