Norwegian citizen panel

Proposals to the Norwegian Citizen Panel

The Norwegian Citizen Panel welcomes proposals from all fields of research, for survey experiments or survey items. Applications can be sent to the "new ideas"-grant.

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All proposals sent to us will go through a review with internal or external affiliates of DIGSSCORE, to make sure that the proposal is of high scientific quality, where the possibilites for publishing are good.

This grant for new ideas are aimed at all those with new ideas for survey items, that they lack funding for. We will prioritize early career researchers or tenured researchers with new ideas that are not yet funded. The call is open for all applicants, while there will be a quota for applicants from the University of Bergen, as UiB finances the Citizen Panel.

The Norwegian Citizen Panel has three waves per year. The two that mainly are open for research projects are in May/June and October/November. If you wish for your project to be evaluated for a specific wave, the application must be sent well before fielding, for the questions to be evaluated, and placed with a thematic research unit. The deadline for this will be early Februar for spring, and early June for fall (due to vacation in July). It is smart to apply well in advance of this, so you also have time for a revise and resubmit if your questions need tweaking to fit in the Citizen Panel.

The Citizen Panel recruits from a randomly drawn sample of the population. For any given question you can receive a maximum of about 10 000 respondents, we normally operate with a minimum of 1200 respondents for each group of questions. You can write which sample size you need for your project, and we can see what we can accommodate. Proposals should be quite short, respondents of the Citizen Panel should use only 15 minutes per survey wave to answer, and we need room for many projects for each wave. We normally count one ordinary, short, question as 20 seconds, while for example open ended text questions are counted as 80 seconds. To be accepted into this category, your questions should not be more than 1-3 minutes in total, less if you are using more respondents than 1200. You can be in touch if you have more questions about this.

The application can be in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English.


Proposals should contain:

  • A title page listing authors with contact information.
  • An abstract (max 200 words). The abstract will be used in the data documentation file should the project be accepted.
  • A brief outline of the project (1-2 pages) including publication plan and project funding sources if any. 
  • Fully specified experimental design or survey item design; wording and all necessary items in Norwegian or English
  • A note on required sample size.
  • When you wish for your questions to be fielded.
  • The CV of one research coordinator.
  • For early career researchers: A signed support text for the supervisor/mentor.
    • This is meant as a short text, showing that they support the request for questions, that they see the plan for turning this into a publication/thesis as feasible, and where they take co-responsibility for the research following good ethics and practice.

Items need not be translated into Norwegian before acceptance, but they will need to be translated soon after acceptance. Proposals will be evaluated on scientific merit and feasibility first by a review process and then the Scientific committee of the Norwegian Citizen Panel.

Please note that the Norwegian Citizen Panel has a no-deception policy.

If you wish to apply for fielding, or if you have any questions, please contact DIGSSCORE at digsscore@uib.no.