The Norwegian Citizen Panel

Data and conditions of use

Data from the Norwegian Citizen Panel are available for non commercial use. The data is distributed by the Norwegian Centre for Research data (NSD). Before using this data, please get acquainted with the conditions of use.

Main content

Order Norwegian Citizen Panel-data from the Norwegian Centre for Research data. 
You can get both Norwegian and English data.

If you need text answers or time series data/panel data, contact us at digsscore@uib.no, as you will need access to SAFE at the University of Bergen to use these data.

Codebooks and variable descriptions are available without ordering, see links below. You will also find all methodology reports here should you wish to learn more about each study. 

Restrictions and availability

Data from the Norwegian Citizen Panel are available without restrictions for research and education purposes. However, in accordance with Norwegian data protection rules, only pseudonymised data are available to users. You need to apply for the data from the NSD webpage, or by contacting us at digsscore@uib.no for specific types of data (open text answers/time series/panel data).


Neither DIGSSCORE, the Norwegian Citizen Panel, UiB, NORCE, I2E, NSD nor the Coordination and Scientific team bear any responsibility for the use of data from the Norwegian Citizen Panel, nor interpretations or inferences based on these uses. None of the aforementioned accept liability for indirect, consequential or incidental damages or losses arising from use of this data, or from the unavailability of it for whatever reason.

Citation requirements

Bibliographic reference suggestion: "Norwegian Citizen Panel Wave 15, 2019". Data collected by Ideas2Evidence for the Norwegian Citizen Panel, University of Bergen. First NSD edition, Bergen 2019.

  • You will find the correct reference for the wave or file you use at NSD, when you click on the specific wave

Referencing the use of data from the Norwegian Citizen Panel is important for demonstrating the scientific value of such a large-scale online survey. In addition to add bibliographic details, we kindly ask you to refer to the producers and distributor of the data by writing the following (or similar) in forewords or footnotes in eventual publications:

  • “(Some of) the data applied in the analysis in this publication are based on "Norwegian Citizen Panel [given wave(s)], [year]". The survey was financed by the University of Bergen (UiB). The data are provided by UiB, prepared and made available by Ideas2Evidence, and distributed by Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD). Neither UiB nor NSD are responsible for the analyses/interpretation of the data presented here.”
  • Change name and year to fit the data you use. Add more waves or years to the same text, if you use data from more waves.
  • If you use data directly from DIGSSCORE, you do not need to add NSD in the text.


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Original codebooks (in Norwegian): Runde 1 Runde 2 Runde 3 Runde 4 Runde 5 Runde 6 Runde 7 Runde 8 Runde 9 Runde 10 Runde 11 Runde 12 Runde 13 Runde 14 Runde 15 Runde 16 Runde 17 Covid-19 Fast track 1 Runde 18 Covid-19 Fast track 2 Runde 19 Runde 20 Runde 21 Runde 22