Johan Martinsson: The Swedish Citizen Panel and the Laboratory of Opinion Research

Picture of Johan Martinsson
Johan Wingborg

Johan Martinsson, senior lecturer at University of Gothenburg and research director of the Laboratory of Opinion Research (LORE) and the Swedish Citizen Panel will present today.

Martinsson will talk about development, working methods and future challenges for LORE.

The Laboratory of Opinion Research (LORE) was initially started in the early 2000s, but lacked formal organization until 2010. In 2016 LORE became a part of the SOM Institute. This means that the SOM Institute can now provide a large selection of data collection methods for researchers. The SOM Institute has conducted annual cross sectional surveys of the Swedish population since 1986, and with the addition of LORE and the Swedish Citizen Panel we can now also provide possibilities for panel data collection and survey experiments and potentially also many other methods. But survey research generally over the world faces many challenges today: fast technological development, falling response rates, demand for faster data collections, more strict regulations for the treatment of personal data and so on. How can academic research infrastructure meet these challenges and what should our strategic goals for the future be?


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