DIGSSCORE status report

In December 2019, the first DIGSSCORE status report was published.

 The status report shows the status of DIGSSCORE today, and an overview of the main activities since the start of the Norwegian Citizen Panel in 2013, and the start of DIGSSCORE in 2016. 

In the DIGSSCORE status report, all the thematic research units have been given space to show a featured project and a featured publication, and to write about their own research, this also goes for the Citizen Lab. In addition, there is information on the Norwegian Citizen Panel at large, management, scientific publications, seminars and dissemination. The appendix to the report cointains lists of information for all the summary numbers in the status report.

If you wish to have a paper copy of the status report, you can write us at digsscore@uib.no.

Snapshot of second page status report, a quote from the application