Exchange Partners: How to nominate

Step-by-step guide on how to nominate and other useful information for our exchange partners.

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Nomination periods

Autumn semester or full academic year15 March - 15 April
Spring semester1 September - 1 October

Other procedures apply for Music Studies: Applicants to Music performance and Music composition should not be nominated by their home university, but must apply in the EASY online application system by 1 March every year.

Application deadline for students

Autumn semester or full academic year25 April
Spring semester15 October

The Exchange portal contains all relevant information for future exchange students.


Log in to Nomination web (online nomination system for all exchange partners)

Nomination web supports Internet Explorer 8 or newer versions, along with most other browsers (e.g. Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome). Use lower-case letters (e.g. a instead of A) when entering your username.

Make sure that UiB’s logo is on the top of the login page (- other institutions in Norway have the same login system). 


Your username is your email address or joint institutional email address.

Please note that your email address has to be registered in our system in order for you to enter Nomination web. If you are not able to enter Nominaton web, you should contact incoming@uib.no


If it's your first time login or if you have forgotten the password, you order a new password at the login page. Enter your username and choose Send password.

1. Choose agreement

After login, you will see an overview of the agreements you can access with your username. Select the relevant agreement and choose Add new nomination to nominate a student on the agreement.

If you can't find the relevant agreement/ subject area in Nomination web that you are responsible for, please email us at incoming@uib.no and we will check whether your email is registered correctly in our database.

Subject areas not open for exchange students

The following subject areas are not open for exchange students unless otherwise specified in the exchange agreement:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Music - Performance and Composition
  • Fine Art
  • Design

Please note that due to capacity limitation, students nominated through an exchange agreement in a specific subject areas will be prioritised. Subject areas with limited capacity:

  • Earth Sciences (GEOV)
  • Biological Sciences (BIO)

If you have questions regarding the number of nominees, courses or any other issues related to your agreement(s) with UiB, please contact your partner at the department or faculty. For university wide agreements you can contact the International centre.

Please note that only new students must be nominated. Exchange students that want to extend their study period at the University of Bergen, must submit an application for extension following the instructions given here.

2. Register student with

  • Email address
  • Name (according to passport)
  • Gender
  • Date of birth in the format YYYY.MM.DD
  • Citizenship (according to passport)
  • Semester/s for admission
    • autumn/ autumn+spring
    • spring/ spring+autumn

Check that all the data is correct. Choose Add nomination.

3. Upload documents

Partners can on behalf of their students upload the required documentation in Nomination web. We accept unofficial transcripts, translations, and documentation of funds when uploaded by our partner universities on behalf of the student.

4. Confirmation email

The nominated student will receive a confirmation email (cc to nominator) approximately 30 minutes after you registered their nomination in Nomination web. The email will describe the application procedures and other practical information.

Nominated students can apply in our online application system (søknadsweb) soon after they have been nominated.

5. Add another nomination

Complete steps 2 and 3 for each student you wish to nominate for exchange. You can log in later to nominate additional students as long as it is done within the nomination period.

Change nomination

Unfortunately you cannot make changes to the submitted nominations. If you entered incorrect data, you should choose Delete nomination (red circle with the white cross) and nominate the student again.

If you are not able to delete the nomination, email us at incoming@uib.no for assistance.

Problems? Check out the FAQ.

Required documents

Documents required for all applicants

  • Transcript of records in English or Scandinavian language
    • Alternatively the student can upload the original transcript together with a translation. 
  • Passport or national ID card (gender must be must be stated in the passport/ID card).

Applicants required to upload additional documents

Courses for exchange students

UiB offers a large number of courses taught in English for exchange students. The course list for the academic year of 2023/2024 is available online from 1 March 2023.

Before applying the students should check if the courses they are interested in have required or recommended previous knowledge. This information can be found in the course description of each course. Information regarding courses should be directed directly to the department or faculty. The contact information is available in the course descriptions online.

Students are allowed to take courses at more than one department or faculty, but please note that if a course has a limited amount of places, students nominated on an exchange agreement in the relevant subject area will be prioritised.

The normal workload per semester for a full-time student is 30 ECTS credits.

English language requirements

All courses for exchange students are carried out in English and we expect that the students have sufficient fluency in English in order to cope with the courses from the start.

General courses for exchange students

Students are required to have a minimum of level B2 (CEFR) for all courses offered to exchange students, except for courses in English language and literature. We consider your nomination as confirmation of your students' English proficiency at level B2.

Courses in English language and literature

Courses in English language and literature have course codes starting with ENG[xxx]. Students who apply to take ENG-courses must have a minimum of level C1 (CEFR). The students must document their English level by submitting a test to their application.


You can check your students' application status when you log in at Nomination web at any time during the application process.

Letter of Acceptance

Students will receive their Letter of Acceptance online at their application profile in Søknadsweb (UiB online application system):

  • by 10 June for students starting in August.
  • by 28 November for students starting in January.

Students will be notified by email soon after the letters have been published. The acceptance letter can be downloaded by the student as a pdf document. We do not sent copies of the Letter of Acceptance to our partners.

Students from the same home university will not necessarily receive their Letter of Acceptance at the same day. We publish Letters of Acceptance from end of May until 10 June / mid-November until the end of November, regardless of which home university the students belong to.

The processing of a student's application can be delayed for several reasons, the most common one being that we are missing one or more of the required documents. In these cases we will email the student directly with information about what is missing and what the student should do next.

Please ask your students to check their email regularly, including the spam filter.

Student housing

The Student Welfare Organisation (Sammen) in Bergen offers student housing to new international students. Exchange students are entitled to housing guarantee if they apply in Sammen's application portal within the following dates:

  • Autumn semester (start August): 1 April - 15 May
  • Spring semester (start January): 1 October - 1 November

The students will receive an offer from Sammen shortly after the deadlines 15 May / 1 November. If the students plan to accept the offer, they need to sign the tenancy agreement within the given deadline, even if their admission at UiB is still under consideration.

The tenancy agreement is a legal binding agreement between the student and Sammen. Please advise your students to read the document carefully and get familiarized with the terms and conditions given in the agreement.

Shared rooms will be allocated to short term students (1 semester stay). Allocations are randomised.


It is very important that students who have applied for student housing but will not be studying in Bergen after all, make sure that they cancel the tenancy agreement within Sammen's cancellation deadlines:

  • Autumn semester (start August): 19 June
  • Spring semester (start January): 30 November

After 19 June / 30 November the students may only terminate the agreement 3 months after the start of the tenancy and with 3 months’ notice. The notice period applies from the first day of the following month.

Students with special needs

Sammen can offer rooms / apartments that are specially adapted for students with special needs. The student must notify Sammen as soon as possible and after the application is submitted, by sending an email to bolig@sammen.no 

Residence permit

Non-EU/EFTA citizens must apply for a study permit after receiving the Letter of Acceptance from the University of Bergen.

EU/EFTA citizens do not need to apply for a study permit, but the police's Immigration Office (UDI) requires that students register online as soon as possible after they have arrived in Bergen.

Nordic citizens do not need a study permit to study in Norway, but should register with the National Registry if living in Norway for more than 6 months.

Students with special needs

Exchange students with physical, mental or health related conditions can receive support services from UiB during their exchange period. Please contact us and we will put you and your student in touch with the UiB faculty's contact person for students with special needs.

UiB also offers special arrangements for examinations. Please note that the students will have to apply well ahead of the exam dates.

The Student Welfare Organization (Sammen) can offer rooms / apartments that are specially adapted for students with special needs. Supporting documentation (medical certificate) must be attached to the housing application. The students must also notify Sammen as soon as possible after the application has been submitted by sending an email to bolig@sammen.no.  

Erasmus+ learning agreement

UiB is connected to EWP and uses the OLA for all our outgoing students. 

Learning agreements are signed at the faculties after the students have signed up for courses in our online registration system (Studentweb) in mid-June/ mid-December.

The students will find the contact information and other details to fill into their learning agreements at our webiste for students

If you are not yet connected to EWP your students can use your university-specific learning agreement. Please note that the university-specific learning agreements will be signed at the Faculty Information Centre after the student has arrived in Bergen.

Transcript of records

UiB has replaced the transcript of records on paper with digital services. All students must order a transcript of records with a digital signature from the Diploma Registry. Partners will able to check the validity of a digital transcript or certified link.

In Norway we use the grading scale A-F, or “Pass”/”Fail”, in higher education. Please see our information website about the grading system for full details on what the grades mean.

Frequently asked questions FAQ

Nominating students

Can I nominate students by email?

No, it is only possible to nominate through Nomination web.

Can I nominate students using MOVEONNET?

No, we do not accept nominations through moveonnet.

I can only nominate our student for one semester and I need to nominate the student for two semesters. What do I do?

Please nominate your student for one semester and then email us at incoming@uib.no and explain the situation. We will make the necessary changes in the system.

Can I nominate students starting their exchange studies in January in the period 15 March to 15 April?

No, you must wait until the nomination period for the spring semester opens on 1 September. The deadline for spring nominations is 1 October.

Did you not find the answer to your question above?

Email us at incoming@uib.no.