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Prominent Wittgenstein experts visit Bergen in 2014

Two of the foremost experts on Wittgenstein's philosophy visit the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen this year.

Composite image: Janik, Hacker and two of their most well-known books
Copyright: Simon & Schuster/Blackwell/Brenner Archiv/St John's College

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First is Allan Janik, perhaps best known for his book Wittgenstein's Vienna, co-authored with Stephen Toulmin. Janik will give a guest lecture in the Department of Philosophy on 28 April titled "The philosophical importance of Wittgenstein's war experiences", and another titled "Wittgenstein at the Brenner Archives" on 29 April.

Second is Peter Hacker who will lecture on "Philosophy and neuroscience" and "The nature of consciousness" on 1 and 2 September respectively. Hacker is probably most renowned for the multi-volume analytical commentary co-authored with Gordon Baker on Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations. In recent years he has also emerged as an important critic of cognitive neuroscience. His talks therefore ought to hold interest also outside the fields of philosophy and Wittgenstein research.