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An accessible text that highlights the new and important aspect of your story is a good starting point for attracting media attention.

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When giving the media tips about a story, you must explain clearly what it is about. The press release should cover the most important points, and answer questions you think a journalist would ask.

In most cases we recommend that you send the text to one newspaper or journalist. Giving a journalist an exclusive tip increases the chances of your story being covered. If you have big news that may interest many media outlets, you may want to send a press release to several at the same time.

What is your main message? Who do you want to reach? What do you want to achieve?

Contact a communication adviser well in advance. We can provide tips and send the press release to our media contacts.

A press release must contain a news story. Talk about the most important point first and explain what it means for the general public.

Be brief (maximum half of an A4 page). Write simply and concretely. Use regular language.

List a contact person and their telephone number (mobile) and email address, and make sure that the contact person is available when the press release is sent out.

Good pictures and illustrations increase the likelihood of being featured in the media. Print media must have high-resolution pictures. Only send materials you have the copyright to and that the media may print free of charge.

Make the journalist curious by using a good title in the subject field of the email. Put the press release in the body of the email (not as an attachment), so that the journalist can see what the story is about right away.

It may be good to call as well to see if the newspaper has received the press release and whether they may be doing a story.