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We are delighted to inform you that PhD André Storto will publicly defend his PhD thesis on February 14, 2023. You are warmly welcome to attend this exciting event either in person or online!
How is the use of language about "shame" in questions about climate change received by the older generations of Norwegians (65+), and what does talking about shame accomplish? Should we rather talk about responsibility or guilt?
"I already live climate-friendly and I am furious at the wasteful consumption of the youth. They have a consumption of everything that is completely beyond comprehension.” This is the response of an elderly person answering the question of whether it is possible to live more climate-friendly.
On 10 November, Ida Vikøren Andersen and Øyvind Gjerstad from the CLIMLIFE project attended a breakfast meeting together with Espen Gamlund for a conversation about why we are not doing enough in the face of climate change.
The CLIMLIFE project has completed a report on the results of a survey on the attitudes of the elderly (65+) to climate and lifestyle.
The research shows great technology optimism in the population.
The CLIMLIFE project gave a comprehensive presentation of undertaken research for its Scientific Advisory Committee.
Research fellow in the LINGCLIM group, Runa Falck, gave a presentation at the DIGSSCORE/Norwegian Citizen Panel lunch seminar.
The Norwegian Researcher School in Environmental Humanities (NoRS-EH) took place August 22–26 2022.
Øyvind Gjerstad, Francis Badiang Oloko and Kjersti Fløttum participated at the Nordic Romanist Conference (ROM22).
CanCode had seven presentations, six of them in two Cancode-panels at the 34. Deutscher Orientalistentag in Berlin, 12.-17.09 2022 at Freie Universität Berlin. Read more about them here.
Nancy Pelosi was in Taiwan for barely a day. China responded with a massive military exercise in the waters around the island. What is Chinas mission? Postdoc fellow in Chinese studies and Taiwan expert Julia Marinaccio explains.
Helge Drange was interviewed by the Norwegian Grandparents Climate Campaign (Besteforeldrenes klimaaksjon).
During this year's SDG Conference in Bergen, the LINGCLIM research group contributed with a session on "Voices on Lifestyle in a Climate Perspective" on "Day Zero" (9th February 2022).
Welcome to the new "Gender and Ageing" seminar organized by Laura Cayrol-Bernardo.
This spring six outstanding and internationally renowned historians will share their knowledge and insights in the lecture series "Europe-China Relations: National Perspectives on Relations with China in Challenging Times."
The LINGCLIM research group currently holds a two-days seminar at Solstrand Hotel, 20.-21. januar 2022, to discuss progress and further plans for the ongoing CLIMLIFE research project.
The newly published anthology 'Multimodality in English Language Learning' provides research-based knowledge on the use, production, and assessment of multimodal texts in the teaching and — This book will be useful for researchers, teachers, students, and educators interested in language, text, and multimodality says associate professor and co-editor of the book, Sigrid Ørevik.