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Clean lab techniques

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Clean lab techniques
We mainly use standard ion exchange techniques to purify various target elements from sample matrices. The ion chromatographic separations are performed in hand-made Teflon columns of various sizes. Placing the columns in our in-house built carousels simplifies the handling and allows the simultaneous separation of up to 24 samples.

The ion exchange techniques presently used at the BGF include:
    - Rb-Sr-REE separation using standard cation exchange chromatography (DOWEX AG-50)
    - Sm-Nd purification with Eichrom Ln-resin
    - Rb-Sr separation from carbonates using Eichrom Sr-Spec resin
    - U and Pb separation with standard anion exchange (DOWEX AG-1x8) and Eichrom Sr-Spec resins
    - Cu, Fe, Zn separation on a single column filled with AG MP-1 anion resin
    - Cr purification with anion resin (DOWEX AG-1x8) and liquid-liquid extraction
    - Pa separation on anion exchange resin
    - Li chromatographic purification on cation exchange resin