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Increasing capacity for Mama-baby survival in post-conflict Uganda and South Sudan.

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South Sudan and Northern Uganda have very high maternal and early childhood morbidity and mortality, and at the same time very low number of health workers dedicated to maternal and child health. Gulu University, Busitema University and University of Juba in South Sudan are all young institutions, located in close geographic proximity. They are also institutions in post conflict areas where the burden of disease and death, especially among women and children, is unacceptably high.

The goal of the project is to lower childhood and maternal morbidity and mortality in post-conflict and disaster prone communities by increasing the capacity for teaching, research and health care provision at higher education institutions in these areas.

The project will consist of two major arms:

  1. A teaching/training programme with a focus on maternal and child health and 
  2. A research arm involving students and staff mainly from the University of Juba, Gulu University, and Busitema University with Makerere University (host institution) and the University of Bergen acting as anchors.

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