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Research Group in Social Pharmacy recently invited researchers from University of East Anglia (UEA) to Bergen to discuss future research collaboration and how we can strengthen the research within social pharmacy and pharmacy practice at both institutions.
Children who are exposed to antiepileptic drugs during the pregnancy have an increased risk of early development issues, according to a new study published in Epilepsia.
Injuries have a profound impact on both the individual and society as a whole. A new article from the Centre for International Health reports incidence rates, causes and risk factors for non-fatal injuries in the context of Khartoum state in Sudan, with the aim to assist in developing evidence-based prevention programs.
The paper "Strong effects of home-based voluntary HIV counselling and testing on acceptance and equity: a cluster randomised trial in Zambia" from CIH* was selected to be in the "HIV this month"
Earlier, safer and simpler antiretroviral therapy can push the HIV epidemic into irreversible decline declares WHO. Article questions whether the recommendations are evidence based.
The Norwegian Programme for Capacity Development in Higher Education and Research for Development (NORHED)has announced the results from the first application round, and CIH is a partner in 5 large research projects.
The sixth Nordic Social Pharmacy and Health Research Conference were held in Gothenburg 12-13th of June. The main theme for the conference was "Striving for equality in research participation and the implications for care".
Mercy Njeru’s paper on HIV testing has been selected as one of the top ten resources on mixed methods research in health systems.
High serum levels of cholesterol reduce the risk of cancer overall, especially among women.
A new study from IGS shows that survivors of cancer in young ages (<25 years) receive social security benefits four times more often than the cancer-free population.
The seminars are an opportunity for students to present their research project.
Social Pharmacy research from Bergen is presented in the March edition of International Innovation, a publication which disseminate international research work to government bodies and potential sponsors, as well as other research institutions.
In an article in American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, co-authored by Dr. Morken, it is shown that pre-pregnancy body mass index is an important determinant of preterm delivery risk, independent of sociodemographic, health, and lifestyle variables.
In a article published in British Medical Journal Professor Skjærven and his team shows that one child mothers with pre-eclampsia are at higher risk of developing heart problems.
The Research Council of Norway has granted 13 research groups status as Norwegian Centres of Excellence (SFF centres), among them the CIH based Centre for Intervention Science in Maternal and Child health.
In a qualitative study 263 car mechanics were interviewed to examine decisions of absence versus attendance when feeling ill.
In a new publication based on master theses, the predictive validity of ÖMPQ was compared with the clinicians prognostic assessment of pain and functional outcome after 8 weeks of manual therapy treatment.
Familial aggregation of risk factors does not seem to explain increased ESRD risk after pre-eclampsia. These findings support the hypothesis that pre-eclampsia per se may lead to kidney damage.