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PhD candidate at CIH, Robert Byamugisha, presented his poster at the 38th Congress of the Nordic Federation of the Societies of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (NFOG), and was awarded the prize for best poster.
Thorkild Tylleskär and his colleagues received the Faculty’s award for the best publication of the year for their Lancet article on breastfeeding in the south of Africa.
The top research groups in Norway are now competing for status as Centres of Excellence (SFF centres). Centre for Intervention Science in International Maternal and Child Health is in the final round.
Serious infections cause a lot of child deaths in developing countries. A study in India focuses on the effect of zinc as a supplement to antibiotic treatment. The findings, which are now published in the Lancet, showed that zinc reduced treatment failure by 40%.
Håkon Hofstad presents a poster with first results from the ESD stroke Bergen study at World Federation for Neurorehabilitation congress in Melbourne
WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding as the best way of reducing ill-health and infant mortality. However, a new study shows that in Nepal few mothers receive any information on this, and hardly anyone practice it for the recommended period.
National Science Week 2012 will be focused around “Society” as its overall theme. The research festival will seek to shed light on the human condition – on people’s lives as individuals, as members of groups and in relation to the world at large.
The Global Health Course, which recently was awarded for high academic quality, has just finished this year’s uptake. A lot of students want to learn more about global health, and the number of applicants made this a record uptake.
Health workers in conflict areas make a remarkable effort in the medical field, but also in violence prevention and peace building. Seven free online courses are now launched for those who want to learn more about medical peace work.
Due to her passion for teaching in Social Pharmacy and the involvement in the Masters Programme in Pharmacy in general, Associate Professor Kjersti Bakken has been honoured with the Generica Award 2011.
-to the training component in the PhD-programme, and routines regarding sickness absence, maternity leave and welfare leave. By PhD-coordinator at ISF, Eldbjørg Sanden Søvik
27.-29. april: Peter O’Sullivan & Kjartan Vibe Fersum: Classification based cognitive functional therapy (CB-CFT); 13.-16. juni: Linda-Joy Lee: Treating the whole person – the Integrated systems model for pain & disability; 18.-20. juni: Linda-Joy Lee: Restoring form and function of the abdominal wall after pregnancy
Adopted by the Programme Council for organised research training on 26 October 2011.
Most men do not involve themselves in programmes for prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child. HIV testing of men at the antenatal clinic is met with resistance.
The core research groups at CIH have both received the grade “Excellent” by an international expert panel which has evaluated the medicine and health research in Norway.
The newsletter of Optimize this time features an article about openXdata and the project mVAC. Optimize is a collaboration between WHO and PATH which aims to create a flexible and robust vaccine supply.
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