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Physical tests of spinal mobility and dynamic mobility of the trunk in activities reflect best functional changes as perceived and reported by back pain patients. New publication by Strand LI, Anderson B, Lygren H, Skouen JS, Ostelo R. Magnussen LH.
Editorial from Karin Dahlberg, professor, Eva Gjengedal, professor & Målfrid Råheim, ass. professor
Monica H. Breitve, Minna J. Hynninen, Alice Kvåle. Although psychomotor physiotherapy (PMPT) has been a treatment tradition in Norway for >50 years, there are few effect studies. This study was recently published in Physiotherapy Research International (Dec 2010).
Cand.san. Tori Smedal will defend her PhD-thesis: The influence of physiotherapy and climate on functionning in Multiple Sclerosis. Aspects of physical performance, fatigue and health-related quality of life.
Defense of PhD thesis at the Division for Physiotherapy Sciences. Kjersti Thulin Wilhelmsen will defend her PhD thesis titled: ”Symptoms and signs in patients with long-lasting dizziness.”
Ernesto Cesar Pinto Leal Junior will defend his PhD thesis on Friday 9.April.
Physiotherapist Anne Brit Sørsdahl will defend her PhD thesis: "Intensive group training in a local community setting for children with cerebral palsy. Methodological aspects and change in motor functioning" at Auditorium 2, BBB, Thursday 18.02. at 10.30 a.m. As part of the defense a lecture will be held at Auditorium 2, BBB, Wednestay 17.02. at 2.15 p.m. Wednestay's lecture and the defense is... Read more
Another productive year for the Division of Physiotherapy Sciences. Here are last years publications:
Eating chocolate and drinking wine and tea can improve memory, according to a study carried out by Oxford University researchers and their colleagues in Norway.