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From master thesis to scientific publication

Magnus Sirnes Hjellum and Per Lægreid with new publication in Safety Science.

Hjellum and Lægreid
Foto: UiB

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In the spring of 2018 Magnus Sirnes Hjellum finished his master thesis on the topic of coordination between the police and the defence, and how this has changed after the terrorist attack in Norway on the 22nd of July 2011. Together with his supervisor, professor Per Lægreid, they have built on the thesis and made it into an article that now is published in Safety Science with the title: «The challenge of transboundary coordination: The case of the Norwegian police and military.»  

The article examines how the transboundary coordination capacity between the military and the police has changed since the terrorist attacks in Norway in 2011. They address changes in the arrangements that regulate how the police can ask for assistance from the military during a crisis and how the military and the police cooperate to implement the regulations designed to protect important public buildings and facilities. The processes and the outcome are analyzed from a hierarchical perspective, a negotiation perspective and an institutional perspective. A main finding is that there are many transboundary coordination challenges, which can mainly be explained from a negotiation and a cultural perspective. Both path dependencies and negotiations constrained the process and led to incremental changes.

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